September 26, 2012

Products review

So I got a box that has four very hot toys for this comming holiday season for preschoolers as many of you know I have preschooler and and grade schooler.
          ***I got the very cool Fisher-Price™ Laugh & Learn™ Apptivity™ Monkey (For iPhone & iPod touch devices)n so if you have andriod this will not work for you phone that is the ONLY draw back that I see other then that my daughter LOVES this monkey.You press the monkey’s hands, feet or app on screen to see learning come to life through songs, tunes and fun phrases. More than 10 songs, tunes and phrases are built right in, or you can download the FREE Monkey App to unlock more than 75 songs, tunes and phrases.
            *** Fisher-Price Stand-Up Ballcano this is geared towards yonger children my daughter liked this a little but it did not hold her for long. Younger children are very entertained with this. Watch the fun erupt with lights, music, sounds and motion to keep baby busy and active! The six colorful balls spew out of the Ballcano™ over and over to keep baby’s attention and encourage standing. Baby will enjoy placing them back in and watching them roll down the ramps for fun surprises. Bat the roller for eruption action! Encourages baby to pull up, stand, cruise & crawl, helping develop gross motor skills. Rewarding sounds, lights & action help baby understand cause & effect. Enhances eye-hand coordination as baby grasps & drops balls on top. Full of lively music, bright colors & action to stimulate baby’s senses

       ***Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza- This toy is very awesome even my grade schooler loves this toy him and my daughter play with this for hours with eachother. I have to say even I loves this toy is is pretty big, but it makes the children play together and interact.The Power Tower comes with eight colorful balls. Full of great ramp play it's perfect for all of baby's key physical milestones. The center tower has pulsating lights that encourage baby to move up and around. For a sitting baby they can drop the balls onto the lower ramps or bat at the paddle wheel. When baby's ready to crawl they can crawl through the gate, which spins all the way around. Or they can crawl through the other arch, activating break the bream, and be rewarded with lights and sounds. When baby is ready to stand and cruise they can put the balls into the top and they will shoot out and bounce off the trampoline and down and around the ramps.
    ***Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Stride to Ride Puppy Ride-On Walker. another toy my daughter may be too old for in few months but right now she loves this puppy with all her heart lol im sure if she could sleep with this she would she will sit on him and watch tv or color he is pretty desent size and well.The Stride-to-Ride Puppy, featuring the adorable Laugh and Learn puppy character, provides interactive play and physical developmental benefits for baby. The walker features an adorable moving head, flapping ears, and a moveable jaw so that baby can "feed" puppy. There is also a shape-sorting feature along the side for additional play. In the walker mode, baby will have a large wheel base and handle to help them with their first steps. Three modes of play, 15 sung-songs, tunes, sound effects and phrases  Baby can access learning content from three interactive buttons on the puppy's collar or by pressing his nose. Puppy teaches ABC's colors, numbers, manners, greetings, friendship, parts of the body and more.

These four toys are pretty awesome and I know will be very HOT this season if you want to check them out ill have links for them on amazon at the bottom of this post.




Fisher-Price-Laugh-Learn-Stride and Ride Puppy


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