October 25, 2011

Target Gripe

So I went to check for the pantene peelies and didnt ee any there wa another lay in the isle I paid no mind got my kids wash then looked up and saw axe I grabbed 2 very excited and then see the other had a free hair gel thing so i took the coupons on ones I anted and put them on ones I didnt so other could get it too. Mind u lady still there just luking around im like OKAYYYY i left and came back to store with my cousins and this lady must took every coupon off the axes and didnt buy them REALLY!!!!!! I am so mad like thats stealing I believe.   Input please


  1. That is so annoying. Why take a coupon for something you're not buying at the moment? Taking all the coupons is greedy.

  2. I agree I found it so madding she must tok the pantene ones I see an envalope off of little oness thats what she doing