October 24, 2011

soda stream Review

I got my SodaStream today in the mail for review I was super surpised when I opened the door because USP just left it out front of my door :) lol My hubby was like whatsw that I didnt know at first after I figured it out I got excited my kids and I opened it and I just made my first liter of DR. Pete ;-D I have to say i have a glass of the other doctor here too and they are identical. I got alittle fizzy happy after the 1st three just didnt seem to do it for me so fokes 6 is too much HAHA. I found a nice surprise along with the fab machine that I dont know if ill be able to live with out now these water flavoring "Each bottle of concentrated SodaMix contains enough syrup to make about 12 liters of fresh, delicious soda". The one I got from them is retailed at 99.00 and I gotta say this is going to save us so much money because we are a huge soda family. This mayeven become our main soda drink to go to as well.
I will add more to this after I try new flavor tomorrow :)


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