November 8, 2011

Love Scent Review

Love Scent Review

 So I was sent 1 male and 1 female version of the test kits and I have to tell you I am amazed! I put them through a few tests using the test subjects (my 18 year old son and his girlfriend)

  I handed the male version to my 18 year old son, he thought it was the COOLEST THING!!!
 My son first applied the kit following the directions and I was not aware and I walked into the room with a 13 year old girl and the 2 of us were like wow, something in here smells really GREAT! So my son giggled and said Mom thats creepy! Hence I got a bit freaked out and was like Oh EW! LOL Since he is my son!! LOL So I am not exactly sure what is in those bottles BUT I Have to tell you IT smelled GREAT! Then Alex put it on himself during a few parties and he said IT WORKS! Girls seem to be curious and want to talk to him, its a great ice breaker he said even if your just looking to be friendly and get to know new people! SO this stuff works, I have to admit he is a good looking kid so I think it just helps! He loves it!!

I have been asking her if she used hers and waiting on her to give me answers, or give it back to me so I can test out the girls version.... I did not want to wait any longer on my review so for now I am reviewing the MALE version based on the tons of info my son gave me!

I think you need to find your own formula level, at first my son loaded himself with it and it was just WAY too much, I think you need to find a balance of the 2 bottles in the your own body produces natural pheromones .... so if you are already a magnet... easy on the sprays killer!

I think its a great concept and a cool idea! I am pretty impressed that it actually works!!! I have been getting rave reviews from my son, he wants to spray the girls version on one of his friends when we get it back and at that point Ill do the girls review!!

for now.... 10 thumbs up on the guys version!!!!

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