October 28, 2011

Kims Kreations Review

 Kim's Kreations a unique gift concept! I received 2 of her Kreations.

check out what she shipped me HERE

A hanger with my name made out of metal and with a really pretty purple bow. Very cute idea for Brides and Bridesmaids for a wedding! Very cute indeed.... Sturdy hanger can hold a heavy dress or Tux. Great for a number of gatherings when you have a number of dresses to keep track of! Also a nice way to hang fancy dresses... Pretty cute idea...

She also sent me her button bouquet - It came wrapped in a very cute baggie & tissue paper! The vase was bubble wrapped to avoid breakage, and it was very cutely done. She also included rocks to place at the bottom of the vase - I suggest cutting a hole in the corner of the baggie to get the rocks into the vase, I tried to pour them and ugh I made a mess at first! You live and you learn! When you get the button bouquet, I suggest rearranging them since during shipping they got a bit bunched together but once you spread them out its a really really cute gift idea for someone in a Hospital (they never die, need watering and its really pretty too!)... I also think its a cute idea to ship someone for an anniversary, holiday or birthday! Its really cute and something that can be sent to someone in an office, doesn't take up tons of space and some of us with cluttered desks love pretty things to look at at work. The colors are custom per Kim so if you have someone who loves certain colors she can make it how you wish!

I must say, with Holidays coming up... These are pretty neat not too expensive gifts and they last forever! Stop spending $50 + on flowers and send someone one of these really cute bouquets!!! I love mine!!!

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