October 25, 2011

Country Light Candle Review

So I have now burned through my review tarts and candles and I feel its time to share my review experience.
 Let me begin my saying I have been burning Yankee Candles for YEARS... I have used oils, tarts, candles etc... I received 6 different scents, a pillar candle and some tea lights...

I used the Country Light Candle Pillar in my dogs OUTSIDE memorial and put the candle through the ULTIMATE test ...when Moosey died a week and 1/2 ago, We had wind and light rain.. I put the candle in a glass jar... We lit the candle and I got up the next day the candle was still lit! I must say it was light rain, but the other candles that were out there were OUT, this one stayed lit until I blew it out!

I have been burning the tarts WAY more then the expected 12-15 hours per tart, CLC's are keeping their scents over 20 + hours... even after I switch tarts and its dry.. they not only POP right out of the burner easily no more using a knife to jab them out or freezing them to get them out of the burner 123 they slide right out but even after I take them out.. THEY still smell so they can be re-used in underwear draws as sachets or in closets etc... to keep a nice scent...

The tealights.. expect them to last 7-8 hours ... but aside from lasting closer to 8 or more.. they are nicely encased in a plastic container... and they sit much nicer on the bottom of the tart burner... very very nice indeed.. Those plastic containers can be used if you melt the wax from the old tarts and get some wicks and you can make your own tea lights (sorry Dina ahaha I love sharing ways to recycle!) Great fun with the kids too!

I have placed another order from CLC and they carry my all time 2 new favorite scents...
Jasmine and Stormy Nights.. I love love love love them! I love her one price shipping so you can order in bulk, she has some fantastic deals ... I will be the first to tell you and show you how to save money, but the YC tarts dont last nearly as long and well those cheapy tea lights do not even come close to holding a candle to CLC tea lights.. its nice to set my tart burner and forget it! (well you know not have to keep re-lighting it or changing tea lights) and her scented tarts/tea lights... totally fill my house with the scents I love, I can set one in the kitchen and have a house FULL of jasmine... instead of having to burn 3 burners to smell it!!!

Where to get CLC??
She is always having GREAT deals...she adds to our giveaways and its Holiday season... I know I love candles...

Why CLC vs YC? just you get what you pay for AND MADE IN AMERICA 100% :) can't beat a great American deal!


  1. I love country candle light too!!

  2. The best place and people to buy candles from, by far!