September 11, 2011

People who steal coupons = Frustrating Sundays -- Read for me for ideas!

Happy Sunday Fans (so I hope)

So we all know there are people out there who buy 2 papers and steal from the inserts for others, I must say if you are guilty of stealing inserts thats so not cool. Its almost as greedy as the shelf cleaners - hmmm I wonder if its the same person... So so so aggrivating & NOT fair to other couponers, Seriously CUT IT OUT!
What should take a few minutes to run to 711 and get my papers, takes me longer so I can CHECK my papers for inserts. Normally... when they say 4 inserts are coming - I in fact find papers with all 4... its very rare my source for inserts is incorrect.. it does happen BUT the difference is consistent I can not stress enough.. Fans

1. find out which of your local papers carries ALL of the inserts - here on Long Island its Newsday ... some papers DO not participate in the regional inserts.
2. When you get to the store take the papers over to the register -- off to the side (I ALWAYS ALWAYS stand right in front of the cashier and COUNT my inserts) I always put the ones with missing inserts on the side and I let the employees KNOW these are missing inserts! 
I can not stress enough... COUNT your inserts - don't be bashful to GET what YOU are paying for! when you buy your newspaper expecting 4 inserts and there is only 1... think about it ... are you buying the right newspaper for your area? and am I being diligent against THIEVES who steal inserts from other couponers....


  1. so glad posts like this one let us know how many inserts we should have. thanks for all your work.