September 27, 2011

Halloween Tips & Ways to Save BIG money

As you are all learning my family is HUGE into Halloween.... I am going to give you guys some tips on how to NOT spend a fortune and get some awesome props for decorations!

(Beloved costs about $150 to make to buy her she would be in the $1000s)

Tip #1 - Spooky Flowers - $1 store sells flowers - Home Depot Sells black Matte Spray paint .97 cents - gently hit the flowers with some black spray paint and Poof you have spooky CHEAP flowers!

Tip #2 - Easy No Flame Candles (as seen in pic)- you can take any left over PVC or buy it from homedepot , Glue sticks make the drip marks and the $1 store sells 2/$1 no flame candles... (these typically sell for $10 EACH so all said and done each Flameless candle should cost you apx $1)

Tip #3 -  old paintings, take some black water based black paint and spook out the painting by using a papertowel and rubbing... instant cheap spooky paintings!

Tip #4 Garage sales are amazing... for old unique items... remember a hint of black spray paint can spook out even the most normal item!!!

Tip #5 - Foam/Blue/Pink (sheets of styrofoam are not cheap) but often construction sites TOSS out sheets that are imperfect - ask the GC on site if you can have the ones he would normally toss... then you can make your own tombstones!!

Tip #6 - Never buy costumes brand new - over priced check out your local thrift stores for costumes!! Lots of times they have them brand new!!

I'll add more tips as I go along in my own Halloween fun!!

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